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About Me

My Background


I've always loved great design, whether it's cars, homes, gadgets or guitars from as far back as I can remember. As a kid I would take stuff apart and see what made it work, often trying to improve on aesthetics or functionality.

As a full time Furniture Designer and Luthier I draw on 25+ years of experience on crafting excellence from wood and many other materials. 

The ZoZo difference


I strive to make striking modern instruments that are a joy to play. As a player there were always things that bothered me about certain instruments and I was constantly struggling to find "the" guitar for me.  Thus ZoZo guitars was born to create that elusive guitar I had searched for but never found. I have my own bridge design manufactured right here in Westport MA along with many other unique features.

My Inspiration


Growing up in the 70's as a kid I remember hearing "Heartbreaker" by Led Zeppelin on a buddies HiFi and being shaken to my core by the sheer power of the opening riff.  

Enjoying an eclectic mix of music gives me an appreciation for various guitar tones and how to achieve them. I'm always looking for unusual woods, materials, and finishes to both enhance tone and enjoyment of the instruments.